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We’re in the Middy again!

Your favourite hair salon is in the Mid Sussex Times this week – 9 November. The story is on the website – you can read it using this link:

With Lockdown 2.0 frustrating us all I felt we should say something about the effect it is having on our clients and on hair salons across the country.

We really did not want to close our doors again after the spring/summer Lockdown. The support we received from clients at that time was fantastic and we tried to give back and keep you all hair-sane with our advice and top-tip videos and blogs. You can find them on our Instagram account if you’ve not seen them yet.

To be forced to shut again has been really hard to bear because we know that at this time of year everyone is looking forward to looking good for Christmas. Unfortunately, we were 80% booked for December when Lockdown 2.0 was announced. To try to accommodate as many of you as possible we are opening all hours and staying open between Christmas and New Year, which is a time when I usually give the stylists a well-earned break.

Some salons have closed their doors permanently due to Covid. I personally know some owners who have found it all too much, or being close to retirement have decided to go early, rather than try to build up their businesses again.

Fortunately, our policy at Samantha Elizabeth of looking after our loyal clients as best we can, rather than chasing new customers through discounts and other incentives, means as a business we are doing better than many out there.

We can only hope that this will be the last Lockdown we will all have to suffer and that the good news about the vaccine means there is light at the end of the tunnel.

In the Middy I give 6 tips for looking after your hair in Lockdown, so do give it a read. You’ll find the tips and the end of the article.

And while we wait for early December to come around when we can open our doors again, please stay safe and please, please, please, don’t be tempted by that DIY dye kit.

With love

Samantha and the SE team



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