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Two expecting mummy's, a wedding and a traveller

The first month of Summer is officially here!

Even if you are not jetting off on vacation just yet, there's no better way to get in the Summer mood than spending a few hours getting pampered - you can be guaranteed to leave Samantha Elizabeth Hair Salon feeling fabulous!



Ella returned to the salon on Friday 5th May. She had the most wonderful time exploring Bali. She had loads of tales to tell. She rode on quad bikes, visited a monkey sanctuary, and saw many waterfalls – 5 apparently, all slightly different. She pushed herself to do a rope swing; she snorkelled, and she spent the night on a boat – she says she never slept so well! Her new dream is to live on a boat. She explored Komodo island, and saw the famous Komodo dragons. She explored 3 villages where she saw native Bali culture. She took a cooking lesson, in true Ella style – "it was boring, hated the food,” she says. She went to a rice field (see the picture above) and explored 3 beaches, one of which was pink. There was lots of partying in between. I'll ask her to write a blog for us one day.

She is now getting excited about her next trip - to Australia. Ella's last working day will be Saturday 12th August. She returns to the salon on Friday 15th September.

Ella is also taking a two-week holiday in November, so please be sure to book your appointments as early as you can.


Regrettably, Advance Stylist Chelsea is no longer employed with the company due to on going health issues.


Chelsea- Jade is expecting a little girl at the beginning of October. We are thrilled for her and wish her all the best in her next chapter of being a mummy. She is going on maternity leave on Saturday 19th August 2023. Please note Chelsea is reducing her hours in July to 4 days instead of 5 days. Chelsea is currently unsure if she will take 9 or 12 months' maternity. We will keep you updated on her decision.


Georgia is expecting her second baby at the beginning of November. She will go on maternity leave from Wednesday 11th October. Georgia will take 9 months' maternity leave. We are expecting her back around the middle of July 2024.


In other news...

Myself and Antony are getting married in October.

From October, we will run the salon with Samantha, Ella and Louise, with Travis on the salon floor for selected services.

You may have seen our new Saturday girl, Elise. She will be our full-time apprentice. She is currently finishing her GCSE's and will join us full time in September. We are delighted to be helping her start her salon career.

We are advertising for a new stylist. I'm patiently waiting for the right person to apply for the position.

I feel incredibly grateful for all your loyalty and support as clients. I really appreciate how organised you have all become when it comes to booking future appointments.

To prepare for our year ahead, we will open the salon 5 days per week instead of 6 days per week, throughout some weeks in August, September, October and November. In order to provide the best possible experience for all our clients.

Christmas: Yes, we are looking that far ahead. Our last working day will be Saturday 23rd December and we will re-open on Tuesday 2nd January 2024.

We hope to be back to normal hours in January with a new team member or two. I’ll keep you posted.

We have a limited number of appointments available be quick to ensure you secure your preferred time!


STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Graduate Stylist Travis

Samantha Elizabeth Graduate Stylist Travis

His first 2 years with Samantha Elizabeth

Travis joined the company as an apprentice in May 2021. He has been an absolute asset to the company. His determination, work ethic and desire to learn has been refreshing.

He has passed all his assessments in colour, and styling. We are waiting for his end point assessment date to be confirmed. He will be fully on the floor with us come July/August. Travis is a beautiful cutter, his work is stunning. Keep an eye on our social media accounts where we will be sharing his work.

Travis will be out of the salon every Thursday in July and August, as he is attending

summer school in London. He will train on cutting for four Thursdays in July and colouring for four Thursdays in August.

Please call the salon on 01444 459009 if you are interested in being a model for Travis? Travis is looking to practice his short hair cutting and Bob hair cutting techniques. He will be assisted by Samantha on these haircuts on Thursdays and Friday mornings.

Please follow the link for our price guide from April 2023 onwards. As I’ve said, Travis's work is stunning, but it’s our policy that all apprentice’s work is checked during their first year of qualifying.



Regarding clients not receiving their booking fees back - please note that it's currently only refunded if a staff member cancels or deletes the appointment in salon. If a client cancels the appointment online, the deposit/booking fee is retained by Phorest. This is mentioned in their guide here: Online Booking Fee FAQ



Thursday 18th May @ 9am - 1pm - TRAINING - Wella in-house training with Wella educator Jess Monday 29th May - SALON CLOSED Wednesday 28th June @ 1pm- 5pm - TRAINING- FABRIQ Training (Kerastraight has rebranded to FABRIQ) Monday 3rd July - SALON CLOSED Saturday 26th August - Monday 28th August - SALON CLOSED Thursday 14th September - SALON CLOSED Thursday 12th October - Friday 13th October - SALON CLOSED Wednesday 18th October @ 2pm - 5pm TRAINING - Wella in house training with Wella educator Jess Saturday 21st October - Monday 23rd October - SALON CLOSED Saturday 18th November - SALON CLOSED Monday 25th December to Monday 1st January - SALON CLOSED Reopening Tuesday 2nd January 2024



Looking for a special gift? Why not treat a friend to the gift of beautiful hair with a gift voucher from Samantha Elizabeth Hair Salon. You can purchase online via the link below.


We look forward to seeing you soon, keep smiling

Samantha and Team

Samantha Elizabeth Hair Salon



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