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Staying home safe and looking after your hair

Following Government rules, the salon has had to close its doors for the time being. As things stand, we will not be able to open again for at least the three weeks, as dictated by the Government. This may be extended if it is thought necessary. Most other countries have been in lock down for longer than three weeks, so I suspect it will be for longer.  I have emailed all our clients whom have opted into receive them, with an update on things as they stand and with information regarding future booked appointments.

I will be contacting personally everyone with appointments booked up to the 20th April 2020. I will continue to call after this date to cancel or reschedule appointments where necessary. We’ll also be keeping everyone updated on our website, through social media and via email.

While our doors are officially closed, I want to let you know that I will be going into the salon to make sure everything is sanitised, refreshed and ready to go when we open again. I’m not someone who can sit still at home, I like to keep busy.

Looking after your hair, a little downtime isnt bad for your hair! Embrace it.... So, what can you do to help with your hair routine when you can’t come into the salon? -*First and this is a big one, please do not try home dying your hair. Frankly, we would rather you have your roots showing for a short period of time than risk damaging your hair or having to go through a lengthy colour correction programme to get you back to looking the way you want to when this is all over. *We suggest you wash your hair twice a week or three times tops. Dry shampoo is an option too. This will help keep the colour. Allow to air dry as much possible.

*If you have conditioning treatments you can apply to your hair, it will love you for it. *Times like these can also be a time to try something new. Consider putting your hair up or in a plait to give yourself a new look while also helping to look after it. That would be much better than using heat tools on it while this lock down is in force.

*If you have grey hair many colours can be camouflaged with eyeshadow

*Experiment with cute hats

*Wait for your stylist

More help from us We want you to feel and look your best despite these trying times. So, if you have any questions, please feel free to email us, or message us on our Instagram or Facebook pages and we will endeavour to get back to you.

We will keep blogging with tips to help you while we wait for things to return to normal – and the team have all done a little ‘30 second with…’ blog about themselves which we think you’ll find entertaining, so stay tuned to our website.

In the hope that we will be back to normal by 1st June, I have altered our booking system to accept online bookings to be made from then.

From all of us at Samantha Elizabeth, please stay safe, look after yourselves and be assured we will be open again as soon as safely possible. Samantha



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