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Sophie - My hair journey I knew I wanted to do hairdressing from the age of 14/15. It came about when I was at school in Year 10. I was offered school release one day a week to go to college and I chose to do Level 1 hairdressing.This covered the very basic skills of hairdressing and I knew straight away that this is what I wanted to do for my career.

In Year 11 I had to choose if I wanted to do an apprenticeship or go to college full time. I knew that an apprenticeship would be better for me because it would be working in a salon, which I felt would be a better training ground – and to be able to earn some money was a bonus!

I approached Samantha when she was at her previous salon and I joined her in July 2014. For my apprenticeship I attended Crawley College once a week and worked the rest of the week full time in the salon. I was trained in hairdressing alongside doing a range of different jobs like reception, shampooing and, of course, making teas and coffees and all the general tidying jobs. All part of working in a salon. When I started straight from school, I was a very shy and quiet person, I barely spoke to anyone, the stylists or clients. I have grown so much confidence in the years since being here. 

I qualified in the August of 2016. Once I qualified I went onto the salon floor, doing my own colours, blow dries, etc. They say everyone has something they are really good at and things that maybe they are not so good at, and I found cutting hair was where I struggled. So, I talked to Samantha about it and I decided to just stick with the colour side of hairdressing because that is the part I am really passionate about. That is now my specialism and I love seeing how I can totally change someone’s look and how they feel through use of colour in their hair.   

After my college training I went on courses with Wella up in London, this involved:

Wella freehand

 Basic colour

Creative colour

A educator from the Wella Academy comes into the salon 3 times a year teaching us new techniques. I enjoy these sessions with my team mates.

I found these courses really good and helpful to refresh my skills, and I brought back new techniques to use in the salon.  I am still growing in confidence every day and learning the art of making conversation! But I love what I do. I definitely made the right choice in my career and I am looking forward to learning even more skills and techniques I can use with my clients. 

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