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Q&A with Samantha

Q:Why do you shampoo my hair twice when I come to the salon?

A: This is a question we are often asked by clients. When you shampoo your hair the first time it will only loosen up half the oil, dirt & styling products from the scalp. No matter how much shampoo you add or how long you scrub your scalp. It is after you rinse your hair and shampoo your hair a second time that the dirt, oils and styling product are removed. Sometimes you may even have to do it a third time.

Why is this important? What's the big deal?

Have you ever found your hair loses its just washed smell when you’ve only washed it once? Or have you washed your hair only to find that the next day it's greasy again? The reason is often because one shampoo is not enough to clean your hair, or the hair has not been rinsed free of conditioner.

It’s important to know the correct way to shampoo your hair. Most people pour a handful of shampoo into their hand and they plonk it down on top of their head. Then they do the same with the conditioner, day after day. This will cause your hair to become soiled/greasier faster, lay flat and become dull and clog your hair follicles.

To properly wash your hair, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Thoroughly wet your hair

  2. Apply a small amount of shampoo into your hands – a 20p-50p coin amount. Rub through your hands and apply it all over your head. Create a film and massage right into the scalp and root area.

  3. Rinse thoroughly

  4. Repeat step 2 & 3

  5. Ring out excess water from ends of hair

  6. Apply conditioner again the size of 20-50p coin, to mid-lengths and ends only. Conditioner is to replace lost protein & moisture in these areas, (your scalp naturally does this for your roots) comb through then rinse. Conditioner should not be applied to the top of your head as this will make your hair flat and life-less and will cause greasy roots, moisture is needed on your ends, and will work better as a detangler. If your hair is short apply only a tiny amount, the size of a 5-10p coin rub through hands and massage all over then rinse.

  7. Comb through and rinse thoroughly.

  8. Squeeze dry the hair with a towel, don't rub try the technique of blotting. Rubbing causes friction and can damage the hair.

  9. Use a wide toothed comb to get all of the tangles out of your hair, starting from the ends and working your way to the top.

  10. Proceed with styling.

Care for Your Scalp which needs to be taken care of as well. A healthy scalp equals healthier hair. Wash your hair as explained above to keep the pores on the scalp from getting clogged.

Come into our salon and we will recommend the right shampoo & conditioner for you.



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