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Pushing up prices

In May I wrote about why I feel strongly about not offering discounts to attract new clients, at the expense of my existing clients. To my mind it’s just not fair. Another trend I see that I dislike is salons pushing their staff through training as quickly as possible to get them to the next level so they can then hike their prices every three to six months.

Hairdressing is a skill and skills have to be learned through hard work over time. We are a very talented salon and I’m committed to training all my staff to the highest standards. Everyone, including me, has regular training and development. We attend the Wella Academy in London and the Vidal Sassoon Academy. Also, every 12 weeks the team takes out an afternoon to share knowledge between them and practice new skills.

But giving my team regular training and development doesn’t give me right to put up the prices every 3-6 months, to accommodate them being developed. 

The last thing you want is to find that every time you come into the salon the prices have gone up again. That’s not fair on you and I believe it’s not fair on the stylists who can often feel uncomfortable that their prices are constantly changing – after all, usually it is they who have to explain things to you sitting in the chair, not the business owner.

Yes, every now and then our prices do have to go up, either because our costs are rising or I believe a stylist has proved, through sufficient training and skills testing, that they can step up to the next level and take on the more skilled work. But I always try to let you know well in advance – so there are no sudden surprises.

For me it’s about being fair and transparent and treating you how I would like to be treated. 

With love Samantha



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