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Looking forward to 2021!

2020 has been a year I think none of us will forget, although we might want to.

I want to thank all of our clients for their patience and support through what have been very difficult times for the salon as a business. With two Lockdowns and the restrictions in place when we have been able to open, it has been a trying year and one we shall be glad to see the back of.

But I’m one for looking for the silver lining in things. The pandemic showed me first how great our clients are. With the first Lockdown coming in so fast and then just as we were getting into a rhythm again – even if we couldn’t see as many clients as we would normally – the second Lockdown being imposed on us all, as frustrating as that was for you (and us!) you let us know you realised it wasn’t something we could control and appreciated we were doing our best to see you and give you those beautiful cuts again.

It also showed me, not that I didn’t know it already, just how great my team is. They really rallied round, making videos with tips and tricks to help clients deal with their hair in that first three months when we had to close the salon, as well as doing some fun things like putting a gown around a piece of topiary and giving it a trim. We had some fun making those videos as well as wanting to help you do the best for your hair while we waited for Lockdown to be over.

While this year has been very hard on the business, I am a practical and sensible girl and I make sure I never over stretch myself, especially financially, so we’ve made it through (while sadly some others haven’t).

Personally, it’s forced me to do what I haven’t done much of since setting up the business – take time off. I’ve used the time well, sorting out my new home – I was so glad I moved in before Lockdown happened – and getting to know the new man in my life. As I say, silver linings.

Christmas is almost upon us and we’re exceptionally busy in the salon. We are opening as many hours as we can and we will be open between Christmas and New Year too, to try to see as many of you as possible.

While Christmas is unlikely to be the same as normal, I hope you all enjoy it as best you can.

Let’s count our blessings that we are not among the 60,000 people who have died from the virus this year. My thoughts will go out this Christmas to their families and friends.

The virus isn’t going to disappear overnight, despite the first of the vaccines being rolled out, but let’s hope in 2021 we can return to a more normal way of living and it will be a better year for us all! I’ll be raising a glass to that as my hope at New Year and I hope you’ll join me.

Meanwhile, stay safe and well.

With love




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