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Looking after my loyal clients

Why I don’t offer discounts to attract new clients I’ve been working in hairdressing since I was 15 and I worked in four salons prior to owning my own salon. All of them offered discounts. It has become a trend in the industry. But I don’t believe in discounts. In fact, it is something I feel very strongly about. To me discounting is not fair to my clients. Let me explain.

What I don’t like about discounting is that it favours new clients over loyal clients who may have been with the salon for years.

I look at it from my clients’ perspective: How would I feel if I had been coming to a salon every month or every six weeks for five years and one day I’m sitting next to someone who is paying 50% less than me for exactly the same treatment just because they are a new customer? A customer who might just be following the cheapest cuts around the town. Every client coming into my salon to see me or my stylists is important to me and I treat everyone equally. I believe in consistency in pricing and standards, and I set my prices to be reasonable and affordable. I like my customers to know where they stand when they visit the salon every 4, 6 or 8 weeks.

I believe in looking after my existing clients. I know if I look after them they will keep coming back to me and they will recommend Samantha Elizabeth to their family, friends and colleagues.

So, I have zero tolerance policy to discounts. If you want offers then we are not the salon for you.

I’m confident in my team and my salon and my main priority is keeping my existing customers happy. So, my policy is be affordable, be consistent, and treat all our clients fairly. Any new clients we treat like our existing customers. Put simply, our price is our price.

It’s a policy that people clearly like. Over the past year we have doubled our new clients, not because we offer discounts but because we care about developing our skills, being the very best we can be and treating all our clients equally and fairly. For me, happy clients = happy employees = happy salon owner.

With love Samantha



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