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We like these Wella changes but...

Wella has introduced a new colour technology that we love and we think clients will too, but there is a small catch.

So what have Wella done and why?

As we all know, as a nation we have all become more health conscious. Wella have been working for years on improving their colour formula. 

They started with the Koleston Perfect Innosense range, which used their revolutionary ME+ formula to replace PPD (paraphenylenediamine - you can see why they shortened it to PPD), which reduced the chance of people developing an allergic reaction to their hair colour. They produced this range a few years ago and as a hairstylist I was thrilled with it for my clients wanting a permanent colouring service but who where allergic to the usual Koleston Perfect range. The problem was the range offered limited shades compared to that range. 

Now they have worked on and perfected the formula to produce this new exciting range - Koleston Perfect Me+. This offers 100% coverage on your greys (‘shhhh’ or ‘shinies’ as I like to call them, your natural highlights), less hair damage colour after colour, more natural depth and shine, and the best thing of all is that you are less likely to develop an allergic reaction. And it now has 128 gorgeous shades including your vivid colours now to choose from. 

In Wella’s words 

Wella says this about the new range: “New Koleston Perfect Me + contains Pure Balance Technology ensuring that every colour has even tonality from roots to ends. It does this by encapsulating metals which can cause havoc with hair colour such Copper, Zinc, Iron and Magnesium. As these metals no longer interfere in the colouring process there is no damage caused by the interaction of metals, meaning you will experience radiant pure colour results and your hair condition will be protected like never before.”

We think the new Koleston Perfect Me+ is a game changer as it offers colour and condition for this range like never before. We are excited to get our hands on the new formula.

What it means for you

The positives include improved technology, which means you are less likely to develop an allergic reaction, as well as more shades added to the portfolio.

The only negative - and this is the catch I mentioned and which I have emailed about - is that because this is a new product range, unfortunately we have to do a new skin test for all clients using it to ensure they are not going to react to it.  As inconvenient as this is, it makes sense as it is new to all clients and we need to ensure it is right for you and you are not going to react to it.

Ultimately, it is worth it as I know you will be thrilled and amazed and 100% be on board with us once you have tried this new range and congratulating Wella hair scientists who we think are amazing 😉! Please read my previous blog article about why it’s so important to be skin tested.

My reaction 

I was super exited for the change until I learnt they where bringing it out in September with only two hair appointments before Christmas and they are immediately discontinuing the old range. To try to reduce the inconvenience to our clients, I have been all over the place trying to source the old colour formula so we might run with it at least until January. I have been successful in getting some old stock but, of course, it won’t last forever. 

We are starting with the new colour formula straight away too because it does offer better colour results and less likelihood of allergic reaction. Please come in as soon as possible to fill out our questionnaire and have the test, which is a little dab of colour placed behind your ear. 

We think you will be pleased you have done so as the new Koleston Perfect Me+ range is much more versatile than the old one. 

We are excited to be on you new colour journey with you. 

With love 

Samantha and team 

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