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Our new obsession

With so many Brazilian blow-dry products on the market we are thrilled to bits with this baby.

KeraStraight is a fantastic product which straightens and repairs hair. It was created by a British company, launched in 2009, that produces innovative hair repairing treatments and products. It’s designed to combat frizz, makes your hair easier to manage and it feels luxurious to touch.

The founder Jez Barnet, formally a hairdresser, understands our everyday hairdressing struggles and clients’ needs in combating bad hair days. He created his own treatment company that enables other hairdressers to treat their clients to their best possible hair days. I am now one of Jez’s biggest fans – his knowledge has given my team the opportunity to use this luxury product, spoiling you with great looking and feeling hair.

So what is Kerastraight?

KeraStraight straightens and repairs hair. The intensive in-salon treatments have been designed to transform all hair types, using a unique combination of proteins, amino acids and plant extracts. There are two types of KeraStraight treatments we offer in salon.

KeraStraight ultimate which last 16 weeks

KeraStraight 30-day treatment.


This is what Jez Barnett says about the product: “KeraStraight's family of treatments and styling products will radically transform your hair, leaving it feeling repaired, looking gorgeous & easy to manage. Every product we create is designed to deliver like no other as a result of combining the latest technology with our commitment to excellence and our passion for gorgeous hair.”

The KeraStraight ultimate treatment.

For this we charge £150 but it can last up to 4 months/16 weeks. After just one treatment your hair is left frizz free, smoother and easy to manage.

This treatment takes between 2.5 and 3 hours depending on hair length and desired results.

It’s a two-step process and, unlike our previous Brazilian blow-dry product, it doesn’t create as much steam and you’ll also get around 45 minutes to 1hour to relax and give you, your head and hair a break from us applying the product combing and straightening blissful!

What’s amazing about this treatment is we can control how straight you want it. If you still want to see your waves and curls but reduce your frizz. Or to keep movement in your hair, we can control this with how many strokes we take with the KeraStraight straightening iron.

KeraStraight 30-day treatment

We charge £30 for this treatment only, plus a blow dry of YOUR CHOICE.

This repair and renew treatment is an intense boost giving an amazing 30-day conditioning treatment in just 30 minutes. Combining advance protein and moisture delivering technology this treatment transforms weak, dry and damaged hair leaving it stronger, shiner and healthier for up to a whole month. This is for a quick fix and to see benefits.

We are loving this treatment as we can offer two separate services:

1: We apply the treatment send you home, when you are home rinse out like a conditioner, style as you wish.

2: We apply the treatment then we can book you in for a blow dry to make you feel more fabulous.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Will it make my hair permanently straight?

A: No, we can manage how smooth and straight the hair becomes or maintain your natural curl patterns just without the frizz. It’s entirely up to you and very versatile.

Q: What is the difference between 30day KeraStraight and the KeraStraight 16 week treatment?

A: The 16 week treatment smooths, straightens and repairs simultaneously, is humidity resistant and combats frizz. The 30-day is more of a conditioning service that takes just 30 minutes. The 30 treatment transforms weak, dry and damaged hair leaving it stronger shinier and healthier for a whole month.

Q: Will it cut down my styling time?

A: Yes, having dry damaged and dehydrated hair means the hair absorbs water like a sponge therefore taking more time to dry. The KeraStraight feeds the hair with proteins and amino acids meaning less water is held in the hair.

Q: Can I use my usual every day shampoo?

No, because the shampoo used MUST be sulphate and sodium chloride free. If other shampoo is used there can be no guarantee the result and longevity of your KeraStraight treatment.

Q: I have curly hair which I love but I hate the frizz will this help me have better hair days?

A: Yes, both treatments will benefit you. Your curls will instantly be hydrated, revitalised and bouncy while frizz free. Once discussed with your stylist beforehand, we can determine how intense we make your treatment, so it is personalised to your needs.

Q: Can I have my hair cut at the same time as the treatment?

A: If you have the 16 week treatment then no, we advise doing it on a different day, As this is a much longer service and we want the best outcome for you. If you’re having the 30-day treatment then yes, we can give you your normal cutting service after we rinse out the treatment.

Q: When can I wash my hair after the treatment?

A: You can wash your hair 30minutes after the treatment, however we recommend the longer you can restrain from washing the better as the treatment will last longer. This applies to both 30day and 16 week treatment



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