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Holiday Top Tips by Lois

My key essentials:

Wella Sun and Body Sun Protect.

A hat.

Olaplex 3

My holidays styles:


I love my wavy hair on holiday

Protecting my hair from the sun is so important. Just as important as looking after your skin. For your body and face you automatically put sun cream as I do, I also pop on Wella sun protect. It’s sun cream for the hair. You spray in wet or dry hair.

I also take my Olaplex and leave in all day, this will help build up any broken bonds inside the hair. This is perfect when your on holiday, all you have to do is wash and blow dry like normal, knowing your hair is soft and repairing again. I love it, its makes me feel great knowing my hair will look ace when I'm back at work.

Sun hat is so important, especially for my blonde hair. I like keeping it in good condition and protecting my colour. I don’t like coming back home looking like a lightbulb.

How I style my hair...

Plaits are brilliant for when I am in the sun. It doesn’t make my hair notty or fuzzy feeling. I never put my hair in a bun, I don’t like the feeling of the sun on my hair and creating it to feel damaged being tight in a bun.

I like leaving it down as well with my sun protect or olaplex in, so it has a soft coating of protection, this gives me a beach wave effect. Perfect for hitting the beach with my cocktail in hand!

In the evening, try not to use to much heat. You want to prevent any hair damage. As the water and climate is so different aboard.

I advise, using your normal shampoo and conditioner/treatments. Towel drying off any excess water, then applying Moroccan oil hydrate cream and curling cream (these are the products I use), and leave hair to dry naturally. This will give you a soft, natural look. Then I'll also pin up the front bits. To stop any hair going into my eyes.

If your hair is straight, then I would advise allowing your hair to dry naturally Moroccan oil, or a product that suits you.

If you want to dry your hair off, I strongly advise using Eimi Thermal Image Or Moroccan oil Perfect Defence. This will allow you to straighten, blow dry or curl your hair. And protect the top layer of your cuticle

xx with love Lois xx



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