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Holiday Tips by Esta

Esta tells how she protects and styles dry hair in the heat

My top products: Revlon Uniq One leave in spray Wella Oil Reflections Light Luminous Reflective Oil Moroccan Oil Heat Defence Spray

When I’m on holiday I’m looking to kick back and enjoy myself so when it comes to my hair, I’ll often go for something quite simple and easy to do. I tend to put it in plaits or a bun most of the time. Only occasionally will I style it. But whatever I do I make sure I’m using the right products for protection.

My hair tends to be quite dry and when I’m in the sun it can become much worse. For this situation, my wonder product is Revlon Uniq One Spray. Uniq One has 10 benefits including repair for dry/damaged hair and protection from UVA & UVB filters, which is perfect for the sun! I apply this when my hair is wet. So just before I go in the pool I dampen my hair and spray it in to act as a barrier against the chlorine. Then, when I know I’m done in the pool for the day, I’ll apply two pumps of the Oil reflections light oil, from mid lengths to the ends, which I’ll let dry in naturally.

Although most of the days my hair tends to be up in the evening I do like to style it. For this I will wash it using whichever shampoo I am using at the time but making sure I use a really good moisturising conditioner as for me the condition is my main worry. I spray my Uniq One, apply my oil and if I’ve got time let it dry naturally or I will blow dry it. I will then straighten my hair but making sure I use a heat protector. My favourite is the Moroccan Oil Heat Defence. I spray this all over then I can go ahead and style knowing my hair is protected.

With Love Esta

If you’d like some tips on how to protect and style your hair when on holiday in the sun, ask your stylist on your next visit or call into the salon.



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