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Going to the States to see an old friend

Do any of you remember Heather? She was the larger than life American from Chicago who came with me to the salon when we first opened in November 2016 and who left in 2017 to go home to her family in the States.

While she was here, Heather and I became great friends and we’ve kept in touch. She kept inviting me to visit her in Chicago and after a full-on 2019, I decided it was time. So, on Boxing Day, I flew to Chicago to see her.

Let me give you some perspective on how full-on 2019 was. Last year was very stressful personally – in a nut shell I ended my long-term relationship, sold the house, brought a new house on my own, while also running a very busy and successful salon – we won a regional hairdressing award again last year! – and being fully booked as a stylist at the same time.

As any of you who have been through stressful periods might know, you need an anchor and my Salon literally became my sanctuary, my safe place. My team where fabulous through this time, supporting me no end and all my clients were so lovely and kind too. So a huge thank you to everyone. Also, I couldn’t have got through last year without my rocks – my mum and dad – who are always by my side, along with my sister and my closest friends.

Recharging your life

So, with all that had happened, it was so nice to get away from it all see a very good friend.

Heather has done amazingly back home. She owns her own salon, and I loved where she lives, it’s stunning. I was only there for a few days but what I can say about it is that the people do love a Bloody Mary and their Brandy old fashioned. I can’t say I’m keen on either of those but.… the pedicures, Ariel yoga, American football, the chicken wings and beer...... and OMG, tubing in a rubber ring on snow (artificial) was just amazing.

And, to cap it all, on my second to last day it snowed for real. We were like children and had so much fun!

It was just what I needed – a change of scenery with an old friend to recharge my life and set me up for 2020. And that will be the subject of my next blog.

With love




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