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Getting to Know You

Samantha Elizabeth salon
Samantha Elizabeth salon, South Road, Haywards Heath

Have you ever had the experience where you walk past a salon think “I like the look of this place". So you go in, talk about what they have to offer, get a good feel for it but then you think "stylist"!

How do you know the right stylist for you?

A good hairdresser upon consultation will recognise this and will take the time to discuss your hair with you. Asking questions Have you had this before? What are your likes and dislikes? Which styles do you like on TV (news presenters, celebrities). Some hairdressers like pictures from magazines of styles you like this helps stylists visually understand what you are thinking. We can then tell you if your hair is suitable in our opinions. Bare in mind some hairdressers don’t like pictures, (I personally do). Go on to the hairdressers Instagram account and look at the range of styles they have posted and whether any of them might suit you. From these things the salon will be able to tell you which stylist they think is best for you.

At Samantha Elizabeth we are trained across a range of styles but we also have styles we particularly like to work on and which we specialise in. I encourage my stylists to specialise because I want them to be creative and enjoy the work they do. This is then reflected in the satisfaction of our clients.

Most hairdressers and salon will say it takes three haircuts for a new stylist to understand your hair and style it right. So be aware of that and talk things through before they start work on your hair, upon each visit be honest with any issues you have while styling at home. By the third hair cut your shape and style should be there.

Of course a good hairdressing experience is not just about the colour and cut. It’s about the connection you have with your stylist. Are they someone who understands you, who can read whether you are a customer who likes a good natter, setting the world to rights or talking about the latest celebrity dramas, or someone who likes a bit of a chat but not too much, or whether you are someone who likes to sit and relax and not talk. Myself and my team like to think we are fairly good at acknowledging every type of client and what they want from their hairdresser.

Open and honest

I think it’s important too that our clients know something about us as personalities and stylists, I like to keep our website filled with information about my team. On the About us page you’ll find snippets about each stylist, what they excel at what they really enjoy.

Of course we have our Instagram page full of photographs of the work they produce. It annoys me when I see hairdressers post pictures of hair styles that clearly have been touched up or put through a flattering filter to make them look larger than life. I feel that this is almost deceiving the client in thinking they will get a look that in real life can not be matched. Which is why I insist our photographs are true to life with no filters. We use a ring light to give us the best light possible to take the pictures but that’s it.

We love hairdressing and we love our clients. So if you are reading this and you want to know more about us just call into the salon - we’ll be happy to chat

With love




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