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Fingers crossed for Monday12th April

We are thrilled to let you know we have been given an advised date that we may re-open Salon Name on Monday 12th April, providing the numbers can support the road map going ahead. We cannot wait to open our doors and welcome you back into our salon for a much-needed catch up and pamper.


Although this date is not set in stone, the prime minister announced we will be given 7 day's notice to confirm. I appreciate and understand why this has to be, but this just doesn't give me enough time even with my entire team in to move 15 weeks of appointments. Starting from MONDAY 1ST MARCH I'll be calling 📞!

  • I Samantha will start calling from MONDAY 1ST MARCH to rearrange appointments starting from 28th December. I will endeavour to call everyone however if you are not available when I try to contact you please follow the steps below.

  • Once I have called all clients whom had bookings, I will open the online booking system from MONDAY 22ND MARCH so if I you were not contactable please go to our website or download the app to re-book your appointment. If you don't have an existing appointment, you can book an appointment from this date.

  • I will be in the salon to take phone calls, clean and get ready for our hopeful reopening on Monday 6th April - Friday 9th April from 9am- 12pm so call between these times to rearrange or book a new appointment.

  • We will not be taking on any new clients until further notice. If you are a new client had a booking from January, this was going to be your first visit to us your appointment is honoured will be moved according to the steps above, we can't wait to meet you.

Until September I Samantha will work 6 days a week during normal salon hours my day of will be Sunday. We as a team have decided not to extend our hours as it's so much on our bodies, especially with all the PPE and not working for 15 weeks. I have decided it's not the right time to work 4 days a week in the salon and use my 5th day to work behind the business. I will work 5 days a week from Monday 20th September my days of will be Wednesday and Sundays with one weekend of a month.

Salon opening times

Monday - Wednesday: 9am-5pm

Thursday: 11am -8pm

Friday: 9am-5pm

Saturday: 8.30am-4pm

Sunday: 8.30am-4pm

Thank you so much for all your support and kindness through this time, it has meant the world.

Keep smiling stay positive for 21st June for when hopefully all restrictions will be lifted. We can hug again.

We can’t wait to see you!

With love




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