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August Newsletter, how is it August?

How is it August?

We hope you're all having a wonderful summer! The aircon in Samantha Elizabeth has been an absolute blessing. Investing in my company to make it better for all our wonderful clients and my team is always at the front of my mind. The reason why I personally became a salon owner was to create a lovely, welcoming, friendly environment for my employees and clients. We are currently redesigning our reception area to make it more efficient.

We know July and August have been a disappointment for a few of you. I just wanted to personally apologise. Unfortunately, we have been short staffed due to staff holiday, sickness and sadly Advance Stylist Chelsea has been signed off work until the 17th September. This most likely will be longer. She has been diagnosed with crohn's/colitis, so she has a long road ahead but is getting the treatment she needs. She hopes to be back fighting fit as soon as physically possible, but please be mindful on her return. Her hours may be reduced to start with. We are not taking bookings for Chelsea at this time we suggest you book in with another member of the team on a just in-case basis.

We wanted to remind you to book your appointment well in advance so that you can secure your desired appointment slot..

I'm so sorry to bring up Christmas but it's only 3 hair appointments if you're on a 6 week circle or 2 hair appointments if you are on 8 week cycle.

All you need to do is click on the link below to book! Or call and speak to our lovely receptionist Maureen on 01444 459009.



We have a NEW Senior Stylist joining the team on Monday 22nd August. She is called Laura. Laura is WELLA COLOUR MASTER EXPERT. She finished her course in June she has her graduation in October. We are thrilled to have this qualification in the salon. Having this degree is an asset to the company and one I hope to put all my team on in the future. Laura's passion lies in colour, and she hopes to gain more experience and knowledge within the team.

Laura will work part time on a two-week shift pattern...

Week 1 - Monday 9 - 5pm

Thursday 9 - 5pm

Friday 9 - 5pm

Week 2 - Thursday 9 - 5pm

Friday 9 - 5pm

Saturday 8.30 - 4pm



We have employed a new apprentice called Cydney. She left school this year and is looking forward to her journey within this exciting industry. She joins the team full time in September. The reason why all my staff in the salon are employed, not freelance, is so I can give everybody opportunities, training them and continuing their development.

Unfortunately, employed salons are becoming so unpopular because of the volume of paperwork, HR, not to mention cost and so much more. I vow to stay an employed salon to give our young rising professionals these opportunities. If you know someone wanting a career in hairdressing or an apprenticeship for 2023 please keep us in mind.

Not only are we adding Cydney to the team, we are also adding a new receptionist on Thursdays to give the best client journey we can and support our stylists more.



Training is so important, continually developing the team and keeping them inspired is what Samantha Elizabeth is about.

Chelsea- Jade - Blonde tool box

Monday 5th September

Samantha and Louise - Bridal hairstyling Wednesday 7th September

Georgia - Discover Wella Monday 19th September

Chelsea-Jade and Georgia Colour craft essential Monday 17th October and Tuesday 18th October

Samantha - Wella Master business programme Tuesday 18th October and Wednesday 19th October, moredates to follow in 2023

Ella, Louise and Travis will attend Colour craft essential - Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th November



Monday 29th August - Bank holiday

Monday 17th October - Due to course dates and employee holiday

Our Christmas break

Saturday 24th December - Monday 2nd January

Reopening - Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Reminder about your Stylists Saturdays

Samantha, Ella and Chelsea- Jade now work 3 Saturdays a month.

Georgia and Laura work 2 Saturdays a month.

Louise and Chelsea currently work every Saturday


Wella Store buying your products online while still supporting Samantha Elizabeth

You can now buy all your Wella products online while still supporting our independent salon from

You, our customers, will receive a 10% discount on all sales! All you have to do is assign us as a partner select our salon Samantha Elizabeth Hair Salon.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and loyalty.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

keep smiliing



The team at Samantha Elizabeth x

Follow us on Instagram @samanthaelizabethhairsalon

Phone: 01444 459009



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