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April Newsletter!

We hope you all had the most amazing Easter. With two Easters being in Lockdowns it was so nice for us all to be with our families and friends with no restrictions! Which is why it was important for us a company to close our doors, I will never forgot those 3 lockdowns nor what it has taught me personally.


Samantha Elizabeth Year 4 & 5
Leaving drinks with Esta

It's with a very heavy heart I wrote this on Saturday 2nd April we all went out for leaving drinks and said goodbye to Esta. Esta has been part of the Samantha Elizabeth team and my salon owner journey since the beginning. Esta joined me at 15 and it has been a pleasure training and developing her into the amazing stylist she is today. Watching her grow from a teenager into a beautiful young lady has been an honor. She has been an absolute delight to work with; she has brought so much to the salon and to me personally over nearly 8 years.

It's very sad to see her move on but we all must grow and continue to turn our pages and we will remain friends. I wish Esta every success I'm proud that Samantha Elizabeth has given her the knowledge, skills and confidence to spread her wings in self-employment, where she can choose her work schedule. Esta has moved to a salon called Reflex in Hassocks and we wish her every success.

We have called all clients who had appointments booked with Esta, with the option to re-book with us or, if they prefer, to follow Esta. I believe in an open policy when stylists move on because to my mind that is fairer for everyone. Our doors will always remain open if clients wish to return.


We also said farewell to Casey on Thursday 14th April. She is going to remain at college to continue her level 3 and she is working in an office alongside hairdressing. We wish Casey every luck in her future.


While I was off recovering after my carpal tunnel surgery, I wrote a blog about our 5 year journey as Samantha Elizabeth. There was so much to talk about I had to split it into two parts. It's a long one, so grab a cuppa or glass of wine.

And if you enjoyed going down our memory lane, click the link below for Part 2:




We'd like to introduce you to our Ella - look at the concentration on her face!

Ella's passion is cutting hair. From her early training sessions onwards, it was clear that this is her strength. With Ella, cutting styles click immediately - she amazed me at times during her training with her confidence in her cuts, and boy look at her now!

In one of our regular staff one-to-one meetings last year, Ella said she would love to develop her cutting knowledge in Afro Caribbean hair. I'm always looking to give our stylists the development they need so we enrolled Ella on a 3 day intense course in London with Jennie Roberts, who is a texture cutting goddess.

Ella now wants to build on her experience from the course, so we are looking for models with Afro Caribbean hair of type 3 or 4, to come to the salon on Mondays after 5pm, free of charge, so she can practice her techniques. If you would like a to be a model or know someone who might, please call the salon on 01444 459009

This young lady is extremely busy her appointments are very limited, so if you can, book in advance to avoid disappointment.



Installing a work life balance for all team members!

Monday 2nd May - Bank holiday

Queens Jubilee Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th June

Monday 29th August - Bank holiday

Our Christmas break

Saturday 24th December - Monday 2nd January

Reopening - Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Reminder Samantha, Ella and Chelsea- Jade now work 3 Saturdays a month.



Looking for a special gift?

Why not treat a friend to the gift of fabulous hair with a gift voucher from Samantha Elizabeth Hair Salon! You can purchase online via the link below.

We look forward to seeing you soon, keep smiling

Samantha Elizabeth Hair Salon



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