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I thought I would write a little blog about who of my team I would recommend if you can’t get in with myself, Sam.

Business has been booming over the past year and we’ve had an influx of new customers this year – it truly has been phenomenal. And because we always aim to look after our clients, our client bank has been getting larger and larger, and staying that way.

This is brilliant and I’m thankful every day for your continued loyalty and support.

One of the questions we always ask new customers is how they found out about us. Mostly you have come to us through our website – which so many of you say you love – and because of all the amazing reviews that are customers have left on social media. I’m overwhelmed by the number of new customers wanting to come to our salon. But it has given me one of those ‘nice to have’ problems. This is that as the salon owner and because I have been in the local papers, written blogs and we’ve won and been finalists in three awards in the past year, many people when they book ask for their hair to be cut by me. The problem I have is that there is only one of me and although I work 6 days a week – 5 days in the salon and one day doing all those things needed to run the business – people are finding that at times I am fully booked.  

So, I thought I would write this blog so that if you are a new client or one of my clients who has been frustrated with my availability, I can say who in my team might be right for you if I am fully booked. As my clients know, I am a firm believer in regular training and development, and my team are trained to a high standard. The team are multi-talented as well as having their own specialisms, which means we are very open in our salon, and we don’t get offended if someone wants a change of stylist.

Samantha’s recommendations........ Here are my working days and times and below are my recommendations if you can’t book in with me: Sam’s working hours: Wednesday 9-5pm Thursday 8-8pm Friday. 9-5pm Saturday 8.30-4pm Sunday 10-4pm

Kate –Assistant manager. Kate has over 25 years’ experience and has been working for me for 5 years. I recommend my existing clients to Kate for short hair, however she is very busy with her clientele. Kate is Not open to new clients at the moment. Kate’s working hours Tuesday Reception Wednesday 9-5pm Thursday Reception

Francesca – Advance Senior Stylist. Francesca has 15 years’ experience, she has been working for me for nearly two years. I recommend Fran if you have any type of bob classic, inverted or choppy. Also, for any styling needs curly blow-dry, bouncy blow-dries, smooth blow-dries, party hair, prom hair or bridal hair. Fran also is our bridal specialist. Please contact the salon for our wedding price list. Fran’s working hours (she will accommodate wedding dates) Tuesday 9.30-2.30pm Wednesday 9.30-2.30pm Thursday 9.30-2.30pm Sunday 8-30-4pm

Lois – Senior Stylist. Lois has 4 years salon floor experience has been working for me for 2 years 3 months. I recommend Lois for all your long hair styling needs, cutting through to curly blow-dries, creating waves or curls and kerastraight blow dry. Lois excels at balayage –she is the one for creative colour. I would also recommend Lois for gents’ cuts. Lois works Tuesday 9-5pm Wednesday 9-5pm Thursday 11-8pm Friday. 9-5pm Saturday 8.30-4pm

Esta – Stylist. Esta has 2 years salon floor experience; she has been working for me for 5 years since she left school, my mini me of hairdressing. I recommend Esta for bobs, balayage, kerastraight and all your long your hair styling needs cutting through to curly blow-dries, creating waves or curls Esta is my allrounder she can also perm. Esta works Tuesday 9-5pm Wednesday 9-5pm Thursday 11- 8pm Friday 9-5pm Sunday 8.30-4pm

Sophie – Colour technician. Sophie has 3 years salon floor experience. Sophie has been working for me for 5 years since she left school. I recommend Sophie for all your colour needs. Especially highlighting and full head colours. Sophie is also your girl for all types of blow-dries including kerastraight blow-dry. Sophie works Thursday 9-8pm Saturday 8.30- 4pm Sunday 8.30-4pm

Ella – Graduate stylist. Ella has been qualified for 11 months. Ella has been with me since she left school, I trained Ella another mini me. I recommend Ella for short haircuts, gents haircuts as well as all your long hair needs cutting and styling. Ella excels at balayage. Ella and I are having training development on cutting bobs. Ella works Tuesday 9-5pm Wednesday 9-5pm alternate Wednesdays she works @AJbarbers in Haywards Heath Thursday 11-8pm Friday 9-5pm Saturday 8.30-5pm

I hope this helps you with all your hair needs. And thank you again for your support. With love, Samantha



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