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Professional or non professional hairdryers - OMG THE DIFFERENCE!

Lois tells us about her hairdrying heaven and hairdrying hell I have two hairdryers, one professional, the kind we use in the salon, and one that was cheap to buy. Why do I have two? Well one I use at home and one when I am staying at my boyfriend’s. This means I’m seeing the difference between a professional hairdryer and a cheap hairdryer all the time.

When I use my hairdryer at home, my GHD, I feel like my hair dries really quickly. But I expect it to, because it’s a professional hairdryer, and it’s designed for fast, efficient drying.    Another reason I like my GHD, is that I have naturally frizzy/wavy hair and when I use it I find the air flow is much better. I feel like my hair dries far less frizzy. I also use Olaplex shampoo and conditioner, which really helps with my kind of hair.

But I’m also that girl who sometimes rough dries my hair with a paddle brush. I find that using the professional hairdryer with that and pointing it downwards, smooths out the cuticle. Don’t get me wrong, I still use my hair straighteners, but what is good is that I don’t have to do much when using the straighteners, just enough to create an even smoother effect. 

And if I am having a lazy day, I don’t worry too much about my hair if I use my professional dryer, I’ll just let it fall naturally. Actually, since I’ve gotten older, I quite like my natural hair fall. 

However, when I am at my boyfriend’s house I have a cheaper Babyliss hairdryer. Gosh, the difference between them! When I’ve used the cheaper dryer I feel like I have a frizzy ball on my head. The cuticles aren’t smooth and my hair just feels so rough. It can feel damaged, even though it isn’t. 

So, I hear you say, why don’t you just take your professional hairdryer to your boyfriend’s house? That’s a good question and there’s a good answer, which is that he’ll start using it and a girl can’t have that in the mornings!

How scientific is my test? Well, I dry my hair and use the same products, the same way every time I wash it. I think this shows the difference between using a non-professional and a professional hairdryer, certainly for someone like me whose hair does go frizzy.  And this isn’t a push for you to come into the salon to buy a professional hairdryer! I hate pushing to sell products. What I care about is what hair looks like every day – your hair and my hair. In my opinion, spending that little bit more money on a hairdryer makes such a difference.

The other thing is that you can feel the difference in the quality of the hairdryer, so it will probably last longer too. Think about it like a coat – would you buy a cheap coat which through wear and tear will probably last a few months, or would you prefer to buy a more expensive coat which lasts a lot longer and keeps its colour and stays and the same shape? That’s how I feel about having the right hairdryer for my hair.

I feel like Beyoncé when I’m drying my hair with my professional hairdryer. I want you to feel the same. 

Make this as your year for your hair, get yourself a professional hairdryer. You will totally start seeing a difference!

Here’s my list of the differences between a non-professional hairdryer and a professional hairdryer.  Professional hairdryer:  Quicker at drying off Direct air flow from the nozzle Direct heat flow Smoother cuticles Softer hair, as it’s dried evenly so stops knotting  Adjustable head setting but doesn’t get hotter, stays at the same temperature.  Lightweight  Longer cable. Non professional Can give you frizzy hair Rough cuticles  Dry and feeling damaged Shorter wire Heavier to hold (some of them) Style doesn’t stay long enough. 




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