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Lois’s hairdressing journey.....

Ever since I was a young girl I always knew I wanted to do something with hair, I loved watching my mum play with hers, seeing how she did plaits and curls using her tongs and heated rollers. I loved making sure my hair looked pretty, well, what I thought was pretty at 5 -10 years old. Growing up everyone asked ‘what do you want to do when your older?’. My reply was always a hairdresser. I may have had the odd reply of, Astronaut or something silly, but then I guess I’ve always been told to dream big.

I reached year ten and this is the age where I thought I was an adult and able to do adult things, going to Brighton with your mates and spending money. But of course I was only 14-15 years old so I had no money and technically I was still a child. Huh... I was unable to spend money, I never had any more than the odd £20 note I got for pocket money each month.

My parents said, if you want to have special things in life, you’ve got to work to earn money. This was the day I got help to write my CV to apply for a Saturday job. I walked into every hairdressers in Haywards Heath to show my face and hand in my CV asking for Saturday jobs. I got a job at Theo Browns, and I was able to do my apprenticeship there also. They were fantastic at getting me through. I went to Crawley College once a week, going all the way through to my Level 3, also trying to pass my Maths and English, which annoyingly, I failed back at school.

When I started at Theo Browns I was a very quiet, shy person. Struggling to ask clients if they wanted a tea or coffee, or even able to shampoo at the basin without shaking. Throughout the years of being there I grew in confidence and found my own personality. While I was there I went on colour courses at Wella in London. By October 2016, I wanted to be somewhere new and different. This is when I saw Samantha at Salon 46. Samantha was telling me how she was buying a new salon over the road and how she would love it if I could join her team. I was literally so happy, because I felt as if we connected so early on and being able to have this opportunity to have a new job was a big stage for me. I needed something new in my life and a new routine. I felt as if I needed something to push me more and excite me. Since being at Samantha Elizabeth Hair Salon, I’ve grown so much as a person, a young lady I never knew I could ever be. Through my hairdressing career it’s been rather up and down, but I can finally say I feel strong and extremely enthusiastic about my job and the stage where I am at. Since I’ve been at Samantha Elizabeth I've gone from strength to strength, the girls have been able to help me with this. I have been  here for nearly 2 years, and it feels like forever, but for all the good reasons. I have been on courses: -General training with a Wella in the salon -Wella Freehand -ABC Vidal Sassoon Cutting course in London -Wella Social Media in London. Through my hairdressing career, already I have met some amazing people, throughout college, Theo Browns hair salon , Samantha Elizabeth hair salon, hair courses and my lovely clients. This is what makes me the person who I am today. Let’s see what the future holds. Love, LOIS xoxo



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