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Chelsea-Jade's Cruise Ship Memories

Chelsea-Jade has written a brief note to you about her experience on the cruise ship and shared some pictures. She retuned to the salon on Thursday 17th January 2022.

Life on the ship was amazing and I’m so glad to have be able to experience it. However, due to covid, it just wasn’t as I’d expected, especially coming from a busy salon like Samantha Elizabeth. It was difficult to not be able to do the job I love as much as I hoped I would! I met some of the most amazing people and I saw some stunning places - over the side of the ship as unfortunately, my feet weren’t allowed to touch the ground…

My favourite memory is of New York, lit up at night as were in a sailing away - I've posted a picture of it below. It was absolutely beautiful!!

I’m so excited to be back at Samantha Elizabeth from January 17th, seeing our wonderful regular clients and new faces, too. It's been great being back in the salon with the team again. Being a stylist on a cruise is definitely something I would like to do again - and who knows what opportunities might come my way.

Here are some of Chelsea's pictures from the ship only, as she wasn't allowed off.

I've been promoted to Stylist. I'm so excited about my promotion.

All the best,




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