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2020! What’s your goal?

Well here we are in a new year and a new decade. What will it have in store for us all?

Realistically we don’t know. Anything could happen. But if there is one thing I do know ladies and gents, that is nothing happens if we don’t plan and work towards it.

Ten years ago I dreamed of owning my own salon. I was working hard, learning and improving my skills, and I knew I had the ambition to be my own boss and to have my own salon but it wasn’t going to drop in my lap. So, I set myself the target of being a salon owner by the age of 30. I was cutting it close but because I had set myself that goal I knew what I had to do to get there and I worked hard to achieve it.

November last year we celebrated our third birthday as a salon (the girls all wanted to dress as Disney characters – you can see me as princess Jasmine hiding behind the big number three in the picture). I can’t believe how quickly the three years have gone by. It has been hard work but a lot of fun too.

I have two goals this year

1: My first goal is to keep on running a successful business and that everyone who comes to Samantha Elizabeth leaves with fabulous hair and a smile on their face.

2: My second goal is training development. We are focussing on developing our skills. Every member of the team will be attending an official training course at the Wella Academy in London, which will help them develop new skills. I’m particularly excited to be attending a 22-day Master Colour Expert course. This is a course I have wanted to do for a few years now and I’m so pleased I finally have the chance to do it. All our courses and dates will be on our website.

Over our three years we have gone from strength to strength. We have won the Muddy Stilettos Best Sussex Salon award 2018 and the Best Team award in the Sussex Salon Awards 2019, and I was runner-up in the Sussex Business Women Excellence awards in the business start-up category. More importantly, we have built up a large and loyal band of clients who keep us busy six now seven days a week! If you are one of them, thank you. We hope to keep putting a smile on your face in 2020.

So, ladies and gents, whatever you want to do this year and over the next decade my advice is set out your goal and make your plan to get there. With that star ahead of you it becomes a lot easier to achieve what you want. Trust me its true if you believe you can you will.

With love




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