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It's soooo good to be back!

The salon re-opened on 4th July and all of us here at Samantha Elizabeth are soooo happy to be back styling hair. They say you don’t miss something until it’s gone… well, we missed being in the salon cutting and styling and colouring hair for you, our lovely clients. Of course, things are not quite the same as they were. Our new everyday uniform – including face visor – took some getting used to (I’m not sure we’re actually used to looking at you through a piece of plastic as yet) and the really frustrating issue for us is that due to the rules on distance between stations we can only use every other station, which means we can’t have as many people in the salon as we would like.

What is really frustrating is that our stations are literally a few centimetres closer than the government’s recommended 1metre distance. But rules are rules and they are there for your safety and the stylists. The good news is that we have now managed to get hold of some screens, which we will put between stations which will allow us to open more stations at the same time. We can’t wait for them to turn up and be installed.

Meanwhile, we have been doing our very best to fit in as many people as possible under the rules – working on a rota, seven days a week. The stylists are so keen to see as many of you as possible but I have to make sure they take proper time off between shifts. As the business owner, I feel I should be in the salon every day. I am currently on day 15 of a 18 day run without a day off. I am looking forward to day 19! Then it will be back into the salon again.

It is tiring for all of us but we end each day really satisfied that we have been able to see you again and make our clients feel good about their hair after these past few months of lockdown.

We are trying to see as many of you in the salon as possible. There are rules for you to follow as clients as well and these are listed on our website under COVID 19. We send you a form before your appointment that we require you to fill out. These are still difficult times so please be patient with us.

We can’t wait until this crisis is over and we can get back to running the salon as normal!

Online booking system I hope to reopen on Monday 10th August 2020. I'm also working on the assumption we will all be back as a full team working our usual opening hours, no more team a and team b by Monday 10th August 2020.

Stay safe and well. With love    Samantha



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