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My Carpal Tunnel Operation

As some of you may know I’ve been suffering with Carpal Tunnel for roughly three years. This is where pressure on a nerve in the wrist causes pain and numbness in the hand or fingers.

For me that has meant pain in my hand, constant tingling like pins and needles, weakness and not being able to straighten my hand. As a stylist, using my hands every day, as you can imagine this was no fun.

I’ve been having steroid injections for a while to ease and control the pain. I was a wearing a wrist splint in the evenings and at night to help me sleep. In October 2021 I went to see my consultant for what I thought would be another steroid injection but instead he advised me that this was no longer an option; it was time to have surgery, or I could end up with a big problem.

He wanted me to have surgery before Christmas but that would have meant leaving the salon at our busiest time of year! It was not an option. So I had another steroid injection.

The next available space was on Monday 7th February – with six weeks of recovery afterwards, for the first two days not being able to use my hand at all.

I’m pleased to say that I had my carpal tunnel surgery on that Monday and it was a great success. After three days not only did I have full feeling in my hand but I could straighten it too. And the pain was a fraction of what it was and will get even better.

I am currently in the three returning to the salon on Monday, 28th February on a part-time basis for two weeks then I am back in the salon full time from Monday the 15th March.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank my amazing team for holding the fort while I am recovering.

And a big thank you too to my incredible clients for all your kind wishes and patience during this time. The support and love I have received has just been overwhelming from you all. I know you have been in safe hands with the team.

After my six weeks of recovery I’m hoping to be back to doing all the things that I love – but even better now – especially lifting weights.

Take care and as always keep smiling Samantha



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